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How to choose an e-cigarette? Is it worth buying? What is the best?

More and more smokers are choosing to buy an electronic cigarette. We suggest what model to choose.

An electronic cigarette is a device that replaces the traditional way of smoking. This method is considered to be less invasive, both for the smoker and his environment, into which less nicotine vapor enters. The e-cigarette consists of two parts; from the battery and from the cartridge or clearomizer.

Older e-cigarette models had cartridges with a wad of water that had nicotine-containing liquids dropped onto them. In newer models, however, clearomizers are used, i.e. special units equipped with a heater, liquid container and mouthpiece. Clearomizer is filled with liquid to the desired amount and screwed to the battery. By pressing a special button, the nicotine liquid is heated and produces steam. The construction of an e-cigarette is simple and its entire operation consists in supplying electricity to the heating unit that heats the liquid. By pulling the resulting steam to the mouth, the smoker supplies himself with nicotine dissolved in the cloud. The liquid that replenishes the e-cigarette is a liquid mixture of dissolved nicotine and propylene glycol or glycerin, and sometimes both of these carriers.


By smoking an e-cigarette you will definitely feel an improvement in your breathing capacity. Each ordinary cigarette has over 4,000 carcinogens that are the result of burning. In the e-cigarette, combustion does not occur, and all its composition is only pure nicotine, flavors and glycerin or propylene glycol.

What e-cigarette for a beginner e-smoker?

Switching to an e-cigarette is not easy. Many people abandon this device because it does not meet their expectations. Meanwhile, the problem is mainly due to the fact that we bought the wrong e-cigarette. Which parameters are worth paying attention to?

construction of the device – good equipment should have, above all, a simple design so that unscrewing and filling it with liquid does not cause a problem. The clearomizer must be capacious, preferably between 1.6 and 2 ml. This amount is enough for a full day of smoking and depending on the strength of the liquid will correspond to one or two packs of cigarettes.

battery – an exhausted battery does not allow us to smoke, and a long charging time can cause that we will reach for a regular cigarette. The battery should have a capacity of about 1300-1500 mAh, which will allow us to use it even for 2 or 3 days on one charge. The frequency of battery charging depends on the frequency of using the e-cigarette. The more often we reach for it, the sooner the battery power will run out. Therefore, make sure that it is as light as possible.

quality of the e-cigarette – the clearomizer should be made of good quality plastic or tempered glass. Ordinary glass clearomizers may break when they fall. Similarly in the case of a battery housing – it should be a solidly finished construction. Any cracks or loose connections can make him quickly refuse to obey.
The question is often asked: which e-cigarette brand is the best? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question. However, we can assume that the best solution is to buy an e-cigarette from well-known and respected brands, e.g. Mild, Volish or Provag.

Common questions about e-cigarette

1. How do you charge an e-cigarette?

Each set with an e-cigarette comes with a special charger that is screwed to the battery. The batteries on the market have two types of threads: threads 510 and 610. The battery can only be charged with the charger from the set or one with the right type of thread. After screwing the charger with the thread the battery pin touches the charger pin and in this way energy is transported. Charging is usually indicated by a diode on the charger or battery or both diodes at the same time. If the LED is red, the battery is charging, if it turns green, it is fully charged. The time required to charge the battery depends on its capacity and usually lasts from 2 to 5 hours. If you want to use an e-cigarette during this time, you should buy an additional battery or buy a set that consists of two e-cigarettes: vape marketplace.

2. E-cigarette is bubbling – what to do?

Bubbling e-cigarette is usually associated with flooding the air channel. Each clearomizer has a thin tube in the middle, so-called air duct. If we fill this channel with liquid, the air will not have proper circulation and the liquid will flow onto the battery pin. In this situation, unscrew the clearomizer from the battery, blow it onto a tissue on both sides and thoroughly wipe the battery pin and clearomizer pin.

The last of the very common causes of bubbling is a clearomizer leak. If the e-cigarette is bubbling, check that the clearomizer has not come out of the metal ring at its base. If there is a gap there, we need to press the clearomizer into the ring.

Occasionally, bubbling is associated with a skew of the clearomizer stem. In this situation, it should be straightened so that it is arranged vertically to the mouthpiece. If it sticks out in either direction for him, air may come in, causing bubbling.

3. What e-cigarette for a heavy smoker?

Compulsive smokers are accustomed to delivering large doses of nicotine and sometimes using an e-cigarette may not satisfy them. Lack of satisfaction from vaping (smoking an e-cigarette) is caused primarily by a wrongly selected liquid for an e-cigarette. Liquids have specific potencies, from 0 mg nicotine to even 24 or 48 mg nicotine. A heavy smoker should first of all buy a capacious e-cigarette with a strong battery and choose a strong liquid. It is recommended to start with a content of 24 mg, which is strong enough to correspond to a packet of “red” cigarettes. As you smoke, you may feel that this liquid is too strong and reduce its strength to 18 mg, and over time to 12 mg. Over time, some smokers increasingly lower their powers until they reach a liquid with zero nicotine content.

4. Can an e-cigarette be smoked in a public place?

Currently, e-cigarette is classified as a medical device. You cannot smoke in public places and e-cigarettes do not belong to them. Until the Act on Tobacco Products is amended, vaping e-cigarette in such places is allowed. Unfortunately, you have to reckon with the fact that it can cause resistance from bystanders who are not always aware of what an e-cigarette is. Most of them identify steam with smoke and they can veto if we use an e-cigarette with them.

Buying an e-cigarette can be a really sound and positive decision for our body. Smoking it will quickly restore our taste and the possibility of deep breathing.

5. How to replace liquid in an e-cigarette?

Fluid level control is extremely important – if the amount of liquid in the clearomizer is too low, the heater may burn. It is worth remembering to constantly control the device and keep the fluid level at approximately na height. The method of changing the liquid depends on the model of the device, so you should read the instructions and follow the instructions contained in it. The replacement process will depend primarily on the location of the heater – on top heaters, the liquid is refilled after removing the mouthpiece. In turn, the bottom heater system requires pouring the substance from below.