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Office cleaning in high class buildings

Office cleaning in high class buildings

With the growing market for cleaning services, the requirements for cleaning companies are also increasing. Cleaning companies specialize in specific activities, i.e. in specific segments of the cleaning services market. It is a response to the market demand for non-standard services that meet the requirements of a specific segment, e.g. health care, heavy industry, pharmaceutical companies or offices. Deep Cleaning

Knowledge of the subject of maintaining cleanliness is small. The popular view is that everyone can clean, because most of us do this at home alone. In fact, it’s different.
If we did some experiment in which we would ask participants to express their associations related to the phrase “well cleaned up”, it would turn out that some of them are similar and some completely different. These associations would depend on the individual approach of each person, their previous experience and point seeing whether he is a customer of a cleaning company, its employee, quality controller, or maybe a person who in everyday life is not dealing with cleaning service.

Buildings class

Maintaining cleanliness of office space in class A buildings is associated with maintaining additional requirements related to the specificity of this type of facilities. First of all, it should be noted that the classification of buildings is not based on any written legal or architectural source. This is a kind of implied division, based on already existing buildings, used in naming rather than technique. On this basis, we can conclude that the A-class building is a facility located in the prestigious, most often central part of the city, ensuring good public transport and utility infrastructure. These are facilities of a high standard, in which the basis is modern architecture of glass, aluminum and marble, high quality finishes and equipment, underground or above-ground guarded parking, freely adjustable air conditioning and air humidity control, smoke detectors, fire extinguishing installations, own telephone exchange, suspended ceilings, lighting adapted to work at the computer, good quality floor coverings, the possibility of any interior arrangement by tenants (open space or division adapted to the type of client’s work), high-speed elevators, which often serve individual floors.

Maintaining cleanliness in office spaces

Customer expectations for the A class building cleaning service will usually be high, regardless of whether the cleaning company will be hired by the administrator of the entire building or the individual tenant.

For comparison, a lower class B + building most often differs in location, and even a lower one, B – in location, age of the building, the need for modernization or provision of facilities at the basic level.

One could ask the question: why is cleanliness in a building so important? So much is said about the lack of time to focus attention on details, so no one will even notice an inaccurately cleaned corner. People come to every office building to work and not check the cleanliness of the floor.
It is a fact that the office is primarily a workplace, so creating good conditions for employees is the responsibility of the employer. A clean and fresh environment in which we spend most of the day affects our performance and well-being.

Let’s imagine this situation: Our guest enters through a glass, revolving door, where he has fingerprints in front of his eyes. Then he goes to the marble, shimmering reception and sees a charming receptionist and a flower with large dusty leaves in the background. Facing the right floor, it passes the lift hall. While waiting for the elevator, he looks under his feet and sees sand or dried mud. Entering the elevator, which finally arrived. There are practically always mirrors in the elevator that are clearly smeared with greasy hand marks. Our guest gets off on the appropriate floor and heads towards the reception of the company he is looking for. A nice lady greets him kindly, picks up his coat, points to the conference room and offers drinks. The guest orders coffee and asks for directions to the toilet. Entering the room, he smells bad smell, spilled soap and splashed mirror. After returning to the hall, he drinks his coffee and – while waiting for a company employee – looks out the window, wondering how many people have left greasy marks on his hands and forehead. And then the business meeting begins, which is the purpose of his visit. This is not a fictitious situation, such events happen every day in some office. You might think that this is how only a person with obsessive-compulsive neurosis behaves or a person employed to pay attention to details and cling to details, but please empathize with the role of a guest and think about whether he will gladly come to us again ? We also remember that this guest is our client and common interests are to help maximize profit, which was mentioned at the beginning.
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Organization of the cleaning company’s work

Every activity requires good organization. The better it is, the better the effect of our work. In a well-organized large cleaning company, the care of the facility is provided by: regional manager, facility manager, group manager and service employees. Of course, the allocation of responsibilities and specialization among these positions are completely different. The service employee is responsible for constantly maintaining cleanliness in the facility and informing the group about any defects or the needs of the customer’s employees. The group supervises service employees, contacts the facility manager directly, transferring the demand for necessary cleaning products and equipment. The facility manager, in consultation with the client, determines the scope of duties and necessary to perform or additional work. In turn, the regional manager is a kind of coordinator supervising several facilities at the same time, helping facility managers in the consistent and effective management of personnel and processes. In addition, the regional manager provides the client with advice on maintaining the cleanliness of the facility and shares his extensive knowledge and experience with the service team.

Before starting work, service employees participate in training designed to familiarize them in theory and practice with the activities that make up the broadly understood “cleaning”. The purpose of the training is to teach them how to efficiently, efficiently and safely clean. It is important that they use the appropriate equipment and means depending on Not many people know that the different colors of cloths or mops are used to clean different surfaces, e.g. blue for glass surfaces, and red for toilets. The fiber from which they were made depends on the guidelines for washing, drying and folding. To prove training participants that the cleaning method has an impact on our work efficiency, we present to them the methods used so far and the methods we proposed, for example: the octal system of mopping floors or cleaning individual rooms from inside to outside.
Health and safety are paramount. A cleaning company, taking care of employees, teaches them how to care for themselves. A healthy employee is more efficient because he is more willing to perform his duties. Employees should undergo on-the-job training. The organization of the cleaning service is based on arrangements with the client and depends on the specifics of the facility.

In order to choose the right organization of work, cleaning technology as well as chemistry and equipment, it is important to consider factors such as the type of surface to be cleaned, the ratio of the carpet to the hard surface, and the frequency of maintenance treatments. Time is also important. Some rooms can only be entered with the assistance of a security guard at specific times during the day, which not only hinders and extends the work, but also increases its cost.
Class A office buildings do not usually introduce specialization division, but zone division. This avoids the situation when the lack of one person in the team makes you aware that they are irreplaceable. The division of the office into zones is more favorable in this respect. However, its effectiveness also depends on employees, their commitment, accuracy and our trust in them. Unexpected lack of access to the room, unannounced employee absence or frequent rotation would necessitate changes in adopted systems and adapt them to the changing environment.

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Each organization, especially operating globally, constructs various types of procedures, the observance of which is aimed at improving work and achieving better efficiency and greater benefits. Many people in Poland think discreetly at the thought of cleaning procedures. However, the cleaning operation is so complex and at the same time important that the existence of procedures and training is an integral part of the service. Unfortunately, there are no uniform standards or licenses on the Polish market that would help to systematize work performance and avoid some errors or problems with maintaining quality and safety at work.
In some cleaning companies, seriously approaching their work, procedures have been developed in the form of pictures and are given to every employed person. They present individual rooms, e.g. office, in cross-section (i.e. kitchen, toilet, conference room, office room, corridor), equipped with the most common equipment. Each part of the room and the device has a number assigned to it, which indicates the order of work performed. The legend of the picture is a list of activity numbers with a description. This type of transmission of the work process is very accessible, easy to remember and does not discourage by the length of the text. After some time of use, it becomes a habit extremely convenient for a service worker and gives a high probability that he will not forget anything.

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