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Less-known corners of Amsterdam

Less-known corners of Amsterdam

One of the first things I learned in Amsterdam was as far as possible from the center. The narrow streets of this city look romantic only in the pictures, in fact it is a constant dodging bikes, passing tourists or hugging the wall because a truck is passing by.

The second feature of Amsterdam is that it is undeniably a city famous for legal drugs and prostitution – a great magnet for tourists (all marijuana t-shirts, all the dirty shops!), But the locals don’t like it. If you don’t like it too, and you prefer to know where you can see authentic, normal Amsterdam called by the inhabitants of the “big village”, then follow me.


The oldest yard in Amsterdam, although nothing has survived from the medieval tenement houses that once surrounded them – burned down during great fires in the 15th century. In Begijnhof only one wooden, black house survived and it is also the oldest in Amsterdam (from 1528).

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Begijnhof is a place where beginki lived before – pious women who did not want to be bound by religious weddings. The houses are inhabited only by women so far, there are 105 of them and form a small community. Although the yard is in the very center of Amsterdam, it offers peace and respite from the crowded shopping streets that surround them. Inside, you must not ride a bike, give tours or behave loudly – the residents make this place available because of its historical value, but you must respect that it is their home.


Together with our host from AirBnb, we recognized Jordaan’s best district in Amsterdam. It is full of beautiful shops (clothes, antiques, home decorations …), the most delicious restaurants and atmospheric streets worth getting lost. Without a doubt, here is “real” Amsterdam, not the one invented for tourists. It is also much calmer and allows for long, relaxing walks. The most popular part is the northern Jordaan, near Westerstaat Street, although it is not particularly beautiful and I recommend entering the streets departing from it.

The coolest places in Jordaan:

  • Noordermarkt – weekend market, one half of which is occupied by fresh vegetables and fruits, and the other – souvenirs, antiques and other curiosities.
  • Hutspot – a lovely shop with clothes and accessories. Local designers and high quality products.
  • Moeders – the famous restaurant serving dishes “like a Dutch mother”
  • Kessens – the best place for breakfast!
  • Japanese Pancake World – one of three places in Europe where you can try real Japanese okonomiyaki. And before that, watch the frying process and talk to the chef.
  • Bloemstraat – a quiet street with lots of very nice tenements, one of the prettiest places for a walk.


Apparently the prettiest street in Amsterdam, which in my opinion is a distinction of a large caliber (because Amsterdam is all beautiful). The name comes from the breweries that were located here in the 16th and 17th centuries, on this street there were also a lot of warehouses with exotic goods imported to the Netherlands: leather, coffee, spices, oil … A great place regardless of the season and weather. Lots of pubs, including those that have tables above the water. Live not to die.

One block north of Brouwersgracht is Haarlemmerdijk, which is full of very original stores with clothes, accessories and decorations. Many shops belong to designers and designers from the Netherlands, so if you are looking for original things from Amsterdam, it’s best to start right there.


Once a retirement home (hence the name), now the University of Amsterdam is located there, and right next to it is a covered passage with stands of book dealers. Definitely more pleasant in summer than in winter, then there are also the most bukinist positions. The books are in Dutch and English, you can also buy very nice, original lithographs for around 20-30 euros – great souvenirs from Amsterdam. Don’t ask me how to pronounce Oudemanhuisport, Dutch is out of my reach …