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The Wieliczka Salt Mine for 40 years on the UNESCO World Heritage List

In September, 40 years have passed since the historic salt mine in Wieliczka was entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the year of entry – 1978 – 741.5 thousand people visited the mine. tourists; in 2017 – already 1 million 708 thousand By the end of 2018, mine hosts are expecting another attendance record.

“The Historic Salt Mine in Wieliczka is the only mining site in the world, open continuously since the Middle Ages to the present. Its original excavations (walkways, ramps, mining chambers, lakes, shafts, shafts) illustrate all stages of mining technology development in individual historical periods” – this is the fragment of the justification for the entry of the Wieliczka mine on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The first prestigious list of human treasures was agreed during the UNESCO session in Washington, which took place on September 5-8, 1978. Among the 12 places and objects from around the world, having the “highest universal value”, were the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine and the Old Town in Krakow.

The president of the management board of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, emphasizes, “for 40 years we have come a long way from + salt factory + to the priceless monument and world-famous tourist attraction”.

“40 years ago, Poland was behind the Iron Curtain. The sumptuous socialist economy at that time made the Wieliczka mine primarily an industrial plant producing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of evaporated salt. In 1976, the Salt Mine + Wieliczka + was entered into the National Heritage Register, two years later it was entered on the Heritage List UNESCO. It was a preview of a change in thinking about the Wieliczka underground – it came in time, because the further exploitation of the salt deposit was as uneconomical as it was even dangerous for the mine and the city on the surface “.

Krakow Auschwitz Salt Mine tour

“In 1996, we definitively closed the industrial chapter in the history of the mine and focused on security work, thanks to which the priceless mine has a chance to survive the next centuries and enjoy the eyes of next generations”.

As he assured, “contemporary mining art allows to preserve historic excavations, securely make them available for sightseeing, and take care of the city on the surface.” He also stated that “in the 21st century Wieliczka Salina came ready for the challenges of the new era, reorganized, open to innovation, certain of its unique beauty, ready to host nearly 2 million tourists a year.”

The mine authorities emphasize that “the universal value of the Wieliczka Salina is on the one hand clear, well-preserved traces of mining work, testimonies of people’s struggle with nature and geological wonders, on the other – a spiritual heritage.” And due to the increased tourist traffic, the mine can not only grow, but also consistently implement plans for securing underground corridors.

According to the president of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, the Tourist Trail Damian Konieczny, a mine on the UNESCO list, acts like a magnet for tourists. “Such great interest in the underground Wieliczka enjoys and at the same time obliges. Enjoys, because in these salty walls there are over 700 years of Polish history, our entire mining heritage, which we want to share and which we want to share. I oblige, because we want all our guests to present a salty treasure most completely, safely and comfortably, in an inspiring and interesting way, “he assured.

According to him, “the ever-increasing turnout on underground routes proves that mine owners are heading in the right direction, and people of the 21st century, although in love with technology and haste, still need to experience authentic beauty, centuries-old history, and living tradition.” As he pointed out, the solutions recently used in the mine include facilities in the booking and service system, solutions for greater traffic flow and online ticket availability. Tourists will also benefit from the reconstruction of the Paderewski shaft, investments in underground technical infrastructure and construction of the Tourist Service Center planned for the coming years.

Currently, tourists can visit the mine along the classic tourist route and as part of their ticket visit the underground Krakow Saltworks Museum Wieliczka. They can also explore the mine on Trasa G√≥rnicza, or take a trip to the wild areas of the mine along the “Secrets of the Wieliczka Mine” route. For pilgrims, the “God bless” Pilgrimage Route was prepared, and for children – getting to know “Solilandia”.

The Wieliczka mine has been operating continuously since the mid-thirteenth century. During this time, 26 shafts were drilled deep into nine levels reaching up to 327 meters and salt from over 2,000 was selected. chambers. A labyrinth of nearly 300 km of corridors was built near Wieliczka. Organized tourist movement has been there since the end of the 18th century. In 1978, the mine was inscribed on the First List of UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

An investment guide to the Costa Blanca

Wondering where to invest on the ? Get acquainted with our investor’s guide and make a decision!

6 places that are worth considering when planning an investment on the Costa Blanca

According to official data from the website www.fomento.gob.es, in 2018 over half a million (582,888) real estate purchase and purchase transactions were carried out on the Spanish real estate market. Of this, 88 792 properties were bought in the Autonomous Community of Valencia. In our guide, we will focus on this region of Spain, and more specifically on the investment route along the Costa Blanca. Here are 6 places to consider when planning an investment in Spain.


The investment in Alicante is an obvious choice for people who expect a quick return on invested capital, as well as for investors looking for a permanent flat with access to numerous entertainment. Alicante is a city extremely attractive in terms of tourism, which is also associated with a high demand for apartments and holiday homes among foreign travelers or students – Alicante is a frequent destination for tourists from the UK, Scandinavia or Germany. Therefore, investors who want to make the purchased property an additional source of income will certainly not be disappointed – in the holiday months, depending on the location, they can count on frequent renting of their property.

In 2018, a total of 7,070 properties were sold in Alicante. This means that the city is one of the most-chosen by investors on the Costa Blanca. It is not surprising! The guarantee of beautiful weather, a rich offer of tourist attractions, convenient location and, above all, extremely encouraging real estate prices – all this makes the investment in Alicante a perfect solution.

Check current property offers in Alicante on our website.


A very interesting place on the Costa Blanca investment map is also Benidorm – a resort with less than 70 thousand. permanent residents, attracting many foreign tourists year after year (the British are happy to spend their holidays there). The combination of buildings typical of metropolitan agglomerations with the irresistible charm of a seaside town makes Benidorm a unique place on the scale of the entire coast – perfect for holidays, but as current statistics show, also for investment.

The total number of transactions in 2018 reached the value of 2,240, thus exceeding last year’s result by 385 properties sold. Benidorm is so popular among investors, among others due to attractive price conditions and a wide range of offers of different types of real estate. The properties available for sale in Benidorm currently include:

  • apartments located on the seafront,
  • modern villas,
  • luxury penthouses,
  • single-family houses with a garden,
  • apartments in the city center.

In short, everyone can find property that is right for them in this location, regardless of their investment goal.

Get acquainted with real estate offers in Benidorm.

Santa Pola

Luxury apartments with a pool, spacious bungalows or apartments with sea views – all this and more can be found among the real estate offers in Santa Pola. The investment in Santa Pola is a perfect solution for people dreaming of a charming house or apartment on the Mediterranean Sea, but wanting to avoid typical tourist resorts. The town currently has a population of just over 30,000 people and is located a short distance from Alicante – just 12 km separates it from this entertainment city. The location of the village is certainly a positive value of offers available on the local real estate market. Santa Pola is not only a great starting point for holiday trips, but also an attraction in itself because of the beautiful beaches, the famous nature reserve and historic buildings. By investing here for a profit, you can expect great interest of tourists in your rental offer in the summer. If you want to use the purchased property in a different way – e.g. as a holiday home for yourself and your loved ones, we guarantee that you will be delighted with the typically Spanish climate of Santa Pola!

The situation on the local real estate market is as follows – in 2018, 1398 properties were sold in Santa Pola, i.e. 192 more compared to the previous year and 328 more compared to 2016. In recent years, the number of transactions has been systematically increasing. Importantly, the popularity of this city is growing among both investors and tourists. Do you need more arguments convincing that it is worth investing in Santa Pola?

The total number of transactions in 2018 reached the value of 2,240, thus exceeding last year’s result by 385 properties sold. Benidorm is so popular among investors, among others due to attractive price conditions and a wide range of offers of different types of real estate. The properties available for sale in Benidorm currently include:

  • apartments located on the seafront,
  • modern villas,
  • luxury penthouses,
  • single-family houses with a garden,
  • apartments in the city center.

In short, everyone can find property that is right for them in this location, regardless of their investment goal.

Get acquainted with real estate offers in Benidorm.


Calp, like Santa Pola, is located in a quieter part of the Costa Blanca. However, this place is a kind of sensation – more than half of the people living permanently in Calp are foreigners! The local real estate market is thriving, as evidenced by the latest data – the total number of properties sold there in 2018 was 1032, compared to 2017 more than 97 transactions were carried out.

Are you wondering what Calp has in it that it is there that many visitors decide to live permanently? The climate of eternal holidays, numerous price opportunities appearing on the local real estate market and unique views – these are just a few reasons why you should invest in this place. Due to its calm, leisurely atmosphere, Calp is not only a great place for holiday relaxation, but also a great location to live in retirement. Crystalline sea, access to clean, sandy beaches and delicious Mediterranean cuisine – can you imagine better conditions for spending your retirement?


Villajoyosa is another town on the Costa Blanca, which provides fantastic conditions for investment and relaxation. In this city we will not experience the metropolitan atmosphere (the city has over 30 thousand inhabitants), which will be a huge plus for many tourists and investors. Future buyers will be interested in the exceptionally convenient location of the village – Villajoyosa is located about 32 km from Alicante and about 15 km from Benidorm. The proximity of large resorts definitely affects the attractiveness of the city and real estate offers.

756 properties were sold in Villajoyosa during last 2018. Compared to 2017, there was an increase in sales of 101 properties. You can also take advantage of the currently attractive investment conditions and become the owner of an idyllic villa, modern apartment or single-family house.


Altea is the smallest town in our ranking – but this in no way diminishes its investment potential. This charming city currently has a population of just over 20,000. people. Its huge advantage is the location – only 9 km separates it from Calp and 15 km from the entertainment Benidorm. It is true that Altea is not as popular as the resorts mentioned earlier, but the local real estate market is growing rapidly (633 residential properties were sold there in 2018) and is full of great price opportunities! Offers will be found both by investors looking for real estate in the usual standard and buyers who value luxury. People who love an intimate atmosphere and are looking for a holiday home or house in which they could live in the future should definitely decide to invest in Altea.

One thing is certain – the selection of offers in Altea is so rich that you can easily find the property you were dreaming about.

Less-known corners of Amsterdam

One of the first things I learned in Amsterdam was as far as possible from the center. The narrow streets of this city look romantic only in the pictures, in fact it is a constant dodging bikes, passing tourists or hugging the wall because a truck is passing by.

The second feature of Amsterdam is that it is undeniably a city famous for legal drugs and prostitution – a great magnet for tourists (all marijuana t-shirts, all the dirty shops!), But the locals don’t like it. If you don’t like it too, and you prefer to know where you can see authentic, normal Amsterdam called by the inhabitants of the “big village”, then follow me.


The oldest yard in Amsterdam, although nothing has survived from the medieval tenement houses that once surrounded them – burned down during great fires in the 15th century. In Begijnhof only one wooden, black house survived and it is also the oldest in Amsterdam (from 1528).

Amsterdam Tours & Tickets

Begijnhof is a place where beginki lived before – pious women who did not want to be bound by religious weddings. The houses are inhabited only by women so far, there are 105 of them and form a small community. Although the yard is in the very center of Amsterdam, it offers peace and respite from the crowded shopping streets that surround them. Inside, you must not ride a bike, give tours or behave loudly – the residents make this place available because of its historical value, but you must respect that it is their home.


Together with our host from AirBnb, we recognized Jordaan’s best district in Amsterdam. It is full of beautiful shops (clothes, antiques, home decorations …), the most delicious restaurants and atmospheric streets worth getting lost. Without a doubt, here is “real” Amsterdam, not the one invented for tourists. It is also much calmer and allows for long, relaxing walks. The most popular part is the northern Jordaan, near Westerstaat Street, although it is not particularly beautiful and I recommend entering the streets departing from it.

The coolest places in Jordaan:

  • Noordermarkt – weekend market, one half of which is occupied by fresh vegetables and fruits, and the other – souvenirs, antiques and other curiosities.
  • Hutspot – a lovely shop with clothes and accessories. Local designers and high quality products.
  • Moeders – the famous restaurant serving dishes “like a Dutch mother”
  • Kessens – the best place for breakfast!
  • Japanese Pancake World – one of three places in Europe where you can try real Japanese okonomiyaki. And before that, watch the frying process and talk to the chef.
  • Bloemstraat – a quiet street with lots of very nice tenements, one of the prettiest places for a walk.


Apparently the prettiest street in Amsterdam, which in my opinion is a distinction of a large caliber (because Amsterdam is all beautiful). The name comes from the breweries that were located here in the 16th and 17th centuries, on this street there were also a lot of warehouses with exotic goods imported to the Netherlands: leather, coffee, spices, oil … A great place regardless of the season and weather. Lots of pubs, including those that have tables above the water. Live not to die.

One block north of Brouwersgracht is Haarlemmerdijk, which is full of very original stores with clothes, accessories and decorations. Many shops belong to designers and designers from the Netherlands, so if you are looking for original things from Amsterdam, it’s best to start right there.


Once a retirement home (hence the name), now the University of Amsterdam is located there, and right next to it is a covered passage with stands of book dealers. Definitely more pleasant in summer than in winter, then there are also the most bukinist positions. The books are in Dutch and English, you can also buy very nice, original lithographs for around 20-30 euros – great souvenirs from Amsterdam. Don’t ask me how to pronounce Oudemanhuisport, Dutch is out of my reach …