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Abdominal muscle training – check out effective ways to get a flat stomach

Abdominal muscle training – check out effective ways to get a flat stomach

A flat stomach is the effect of modeling and strengthening different parts of the abdominal muscles, using physical activity in the form of even carefully selected strength exercises. Currently, we have a choice of many types of training strengthening the abdominal muscles. Some of them promise visible results after a few weeks. If you are looking for a proven method for a flat stomach and you have a lot of self-denial to train regularly, you will certainly choose something for yourself from the following suggestions.

waist trainersAbdominal muscles can be divided into two basic groups – anterolateral abdominal wall muscles and posterior abdominal wall muscles. The first group includes the straight, oblique external and internal, transverse and pyramidal muscle. The second muscle group includes the trapezius muscle, the larger and smaller lumbar muscle, and the iliac muscle. Modeling and strengthening the abdominal muscles does not only include external muscles, but also muscles that are deeper. Muscles need a break to regenerate, so it’s worth doing workouts keeping one day break between each workout.

Not all ABS exercises are created equal in terms of efficiency in burning and reducing fat accumulated in the abdominal area. Finding and regularly performing effective belly modeling exercises is the key to success. Of course, in addition to regular training, it is necessary to use a properly balanced diet with reduced calories, but that’s already a topic for another article. The following abdominal muscles exercises are aimed at strengthening and modeling the abdominal muscles on each side.

Single exercises for different muscle groups

By choosing exercises for specific muscle groups, you can search the internet length and breadth and you will certainly find something suitable for you. An abdominal exercise program alone does not always bring satisfying results, but you have to start somewhere. The following exercises are examples of strengthening the oblique and straight abdominal muscles.

Lie on your back, raise your legs up and bend them at the knees. Put your hands behind your head, as you would with classic crunches, and then slightly raise your torso above the ground. Try to first touch your right knee by turning your upper body to the right and bringing your right knee to your right elbow. Return to the starting position and do 10 more reps. Repeat the exercise on the left side. This exercise activates the rectus abdominis and obliques. It also has a beneficial effect on thighs and buttocks. Exercise “bicycle” is one of the most effective exercises to strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles.

The second effective exercise to strengthen the oblique muscles of the abdomen and the rectus muscle is that the person exercising lies on his back with bent knees and feet laid on the floor. Hands should be loosely braided behind the head. Raise the torso, stop for 1-2 seconds, and then return to the starting position. Do 15-20 reps.
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ABS exercise set from Mel B

The ABS exercise set developed by the singer Mel B in 2010 is part of her own program. The training consists of a dozen or so exercises that strengthen and model the muscles of the upper and lower abdomen, lower back muscles, oblique and transverse muscles. It is worth doing at least a 5-minute warm-up to avoid possible injuries. Mel B training is available for free on the web, both in text and video.

Scalpel – Ewa’s original program

Scalpel is probably the most popular and most popular set of body shaping exercises. Most exercises also affect the abdominal muscles. In addition, the third part of the training preceding stretching is devoted only to exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles. Full training is available to watch on youtube. The effects of the scalpel exercise can be observed on forums and blogs of women who are satisfied with the results and present them in the pictures. Regular and accurate exercise of the exercises that make up this program allows you to see visible results after just 30 workouts.

Combination of Tabata training with abdominal muscles exercises

Tabata style training has proved to be a very effective way to lose weight and transform your entire body. If you use this method, you can get visible results without spending a lot of time training. Tabata style abdominal muscle training involves alternating intensive workouts with 20-second rest periods.

Tabata for strengthening and shaping abdominal muscles involves performing each exercise for 40 seconds, followed by 20 seconds of rest. To perform this type of training, a stopwatch or a special Tabata exercise app, light dumbbells and a mat will be useful.

Tabata ready abdominal workouts are available on youtube. Instruction helps to maintain the right pace of exercises and learn how to perform them correctly. Exercises used in Tabata training are known abdominal muscle modeling exercises that are performed at the right pace described above.