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Monthly ArchiveJanuary 2021

How to change your front door lock in just a few seconds

How do you replace the lock on your front door? It turns out it’s easier than you think and doesn’t require any special equipment. If you decide to return the cylinder, the whole thing will take a few moments, including a visit to the shop. See the simple step-by-step process.

Replacement awaits everyone

In every external door, sooner or later you have to replace the lock, but in most cases, you need a new cylinder, that is, the part where it fits to unlock the mechanism after turning the key. Usually, they are so easy to replace that you don’t even have to unscrew the entire lock or remove the door.

When to do it? There is no shortage of right circumstances! It’s a natural step after the theft or loss of keys and after tenants move out or for privacy and security reasons, e.g. after a divorce or a move to a second-hand flat or house.

It is also worth changing security devices from time to time as a preventive measure for your sense of security. The market does not lack excellent manufacturers, such as Mul-T-Lock, LOB, GERDA, ABUS. These companies are responsible for creating certified locks, but you can also buy the cylinders themselves. This guide tells you how to install them.

Basic steps? how to replace a lock on your front door

If you want to put in a new one, you should start by dismantling the old one. Also, to measure exactly what size it is. All you need is an ordinary Phillips screwdriver to fit the screw located at the insert’s height on the inside of the door leaf. This is most likely the only screw in the door, so you certainly won’t get it wrong.

Once the screw is removed, push it inwards or outwards. The internal mechanisms don’t hook; you should manipulate the spanner back and forth as you push it out to find the right setting. A little strength and patience … and there you have it, the cylinder is removed.

Lay it on a flat surface and reach for a ruler or other tape measure with a millimetre scale. Measure the distances from the centre to the outer sides. The result may be, for example, 30 and 30 millimetres, or 35 and 40 millimetres, or something similar with a -5 or -0 tip. This knowledge will come in handy when shopping for a new product, as each model is labelled in this way: 30/30, 35/40, etc. 30/35G means that on the? There is an internal knob, which is an efficient way to close the door from inside the house quickly.

A quick purchase and you are almost ready.

Replacing the cylinder does not require the purchase of any additional products apart from it. All you need to do is look online or, in an emergency, visit your nearest DIY shop or specialist shop. You can buy a good model from a reputable manufacturer for around £20-70 (but also less and more). Pay attention to the size, finish colour, number of additional keys, certificates and approvals. With the purchased product you can go home.

At home, all you need to do is repeat the disassembly in reverse order, that is, put the cylinder in the empty place, tighten the screw and check that it allows you to use the lock properly. If everything is correct? Congratulations, the lock on the outside door is practically new, although only one key element has changed.

You will admit that this does not require much time. But there is an even quicker way. All you have to do is call Locksmith London Ambulance Service, which services, repairs, maintains or installs locks and other security devices 24/7 in London and the surrounding areas. Qualified locksmiths with the best products on the market are waiting for your call! If you do not have time or do not feel up to replacing the lock cylinder in your front door on your own, contact us now.