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Monthly ArchiveApril 2020

Corset – which should you choose for your formal dress?

The corset is a woman’s friend. Especially one who wants to have a wasp waist, and nature, unfortunately, has not given her such a feminine attribute.

They are also recommended for women who want to slim their figure and protruding belly. Therefore, women’s corsets are a way to perfect model your body and highlight your strengths.

Women’s corsets – known for centuries

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Although there is a great return of women’s corsets now, they are actually known for centuries. All you need to do is recall the history of the 17th and 18th centuries and the hatred of women, for this uncomfortable element of underwear, who wanted to have a slim waist so much that they were even able to sacrifice their health. Choking and fainting did not give up on the corsets, because in the end such fashion. Fortunately, these times are irrevocably gone, and women’s corsets are an absolute must have. Fortunately, they are no longer suffocating and are even quite comfortable.
A corset has many names

There is probably nothing worse for a woman than buying a fashionable dress online, when after putting on it turned out that she does not look as good as on a model. The protruding folds of fat cause consternation because you want to look stylish and good. And let’s be honest, the protruding belly does not add sex appeal.

Sure, you can explain that not everyone has a genetic predisposition to being thin, but the truth is that fat does not come from anything. Also, women after childbirth complain about the protruding belly, but they also want to feel good in their body.

And with little time, it’s hard to get a stomach like a fitness trainer. Fortunately, a slimming corset has been created that will magically get rid of the folds thanks to the perfect cut and the use of appropriate materials.

is also called corrective, it can slim your waist a few centimeters and additionally flatten your stomach. Thus, the silhouette will be slim and smooth, and the folds will not be visible. It is worth remembering, however, that the slimming corset can not be visible in any way so as not to commit a faux pas and simply not to be fed with shame. Undoubtedly, the selection does not have to be difficult, because you just need to choose the right size and cut.
Corset – because the model matters

When putting on a formal dress, a woman should feel comfortable and confident. The protruding fat is not aesthetic, and walking with the stomach pulled in in the long run does not work. But even under an elegant dress you can hide a modeling corset. Well, the model is important. For dresses with bare shoulders, choose a strapless modeling corset. If you want to slim only the waist, just choose the corsets under the bust. underbust. Thanks to this, the waist will look slim. For dresses with a more massive top and an airy bottom, the best choice will be a half-corset, which will also shape the bust.

Choosing additionally push up cups will increase the bust. So one corset, and so many uses. Modeling corset is also available in the form of body. In turn, this is a great option for women who also want to slim their hips. With matching dresses, it’s worth putting on smooth materials, while with more oversized cuts it doesn’t matter. Therefore, you should also pay attention to choosing the right size and you can get a really stunning effect.

We say firmly NO to Bridget Jones-style corsets
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Probably almost everyone remembers the famous scene when Bridget Jones “stabs” in the corset to put on his dream dress. Fortunately, such slimming corsets have become a thing of the past and now are very fashionable corsets that also look great. They have the appearance of sexy and elegant lingerie, which is combined with the slimming and shaping functions of the corset.

So they look great. They may have lace inserts, or translucent. The attached belt not only adds sex appeal, but also maintains stockings. Currently, the trend for a slightly protruding piece of bra is also fashionable. Ladies who want to follow this trend should choose lace models.

So women’s corsets have evolved. From uncomfortable and heavy to wear, they became interesting and tasteful underwear. You can wear it even under the most delicate starting dresses.