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Monthly ArchiveSeptember 2019

From resocialisation to therapy

What is the secret of a rigid separation into the therapy of alcoholic and narcotic disease, into centers exclusively for alcoholics and only for drug addicts? A rather absurd chapter, because about 60% of the current patients of the Narcotics Center in Pławniowice are also addicted to alcohol – addiction recovery online.

Pławniowice is a small town between Gliwice and Strzelce Opolskie. Just behind the village, in a renovated building, which was once the seat of the forest district, there is a new, large center. Located on a hill, by the old oak alley leading into the woods, surrounded by an orchard and garden, it creates a picturesque corner. The full name is Provincial Center for the Treatment of Addicts. Drug addicts are treating here, but at least 60% of them are also addicted to alcohol.

I first came across the concept of psychological addiction mechanisms in 1991. Even then, taking into account certain, not so great, specific differences, such thinking about addiction, although created for the use of alcoholism, seemed to me well describing what is happening with drug addicts (then they were mainly heroinists).

Together with the band, we were learning to name things over again. There was a lot of naivety, simplification and optimism. But there was also the joy of a language new to us, one that can be talked about addiction without resorting to confused definitions, unclear and vague hypotheses or theses.

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We were amazed to discover such obvious things as the fact that relapses are part of addictions, so far we have almost always treated them as our failures, that diagnosis is not a necessary evil, but something that can significantly help both the therapist and the patient. It was then that the client became a patient for us and the family someone important in therapy. We discovered the importance of the Twelve Steps AA and AN.

We later went a long way in our own training. Today, I assess it as a path from social rehabilitation to therapy, from thinking about drug addiction as a character defect, weak will or “ethical collapse”, to treat it as a disease. Initially timidly, and later with exaggerated zeal at times, we implemented what we learned during training and internships from therapists working with alcoholics and their families. Some procedures or diagnostic questionnaires (especially for OPT) had to be “translated” so that they fit the specificity and color of narcotic addictions more.

Today, I am deeply convinced that the differences between alcoholism and drug addiction are not as great as it might seem at first glance. Such thinking results more from stereotypes, from the lack of comparative experiences, from the mythology that has accompanied drug users for many years, than from real facts. The same applies to therapy.

PVC windows – a guide for those choosing plastic windows

Properly selected window frames will effectively protect our home against heat loss and noise coming from outside. Plastic windows have become a standard solution among Poles. In this article, we answer if PVC windows are a good choice for our home. We also check what influences the price increase of plastic windows.

Plastic windows are distinguished by excellent technical parameters. They are resistant to weather conditions and chemicals. Thanks to their extraordinary durability, they will serve you even for 40 years. Properly installed PVC windows are characterized by exceptional tightness, which is why it may be necessary to install diffusers in non-ventilated rooms that ensure adequate air circulation. When choosing plastic windows you won’t have to worry about their maintenance. It will be sufficient to carry out simple care treatments – double vs triple glazing

In addition to technical parameters, PVC windows are characterized by an interesting appearance. Although we still associate plastic windows with the white color of the frames, the manufacturers’ offer includes a wide range of colors that we can adapt to our own needs.

When should we order PVC windows and window dimensions

Plastic windows should be ordered when we are planning to start finishing works soon. To avoid theft, it is recommended that they be transported to the construction site just before assembly. If you want to replace PVC windows in a block, then you can buy them at any time.

If the house is new, it is worth reaching for a project in which the sizes of each window will be determined. It is also necessary to measure the holes, because sometimes their dimensions differ from those specified in the house design. Before buying windows, you should consider whether the included dimensions and shapes of the windows meet your expectations. Problems with determining the dimensions of the plastic window will not have people who are planning to replace the window. Then just select a product with dimensions that match the PVC windows in the room.
Plastic windows – what should you remember?

An important factor to keep in mind is the number of chambers for window profiles. The more chambers, the better the window insulation parameters. Three-chamber window profiles have become rare. Profiles with five or eight chambers are becoming an increasingly common solution. Equally important is the profile class. The highest class marked with the symbol A has the largest thickness of the outer walls and the width of the inner chambers. Choosing plastic windows with class A profiles, you can be sure of their high durability, stability and protection against atmospheric conditions.

Particular attention when choosing window joinery is worth paying attention to the seals, which are used to ensure water tightness, heat loss and noise protection. The most commonly used plastic windows are gaskets made of rubber (EPDM) or a mix of EPDM and PVC (TPE). The greater the thickness of the gasket, the better the performance parameters of the PVC window. In plastic windows you will find resistance and glass gaskets. They can be supplemented with an additional gasket, which will increase the thermal insulation of the window and better noise suppression.

Upvc windows

People who live on a busy street should consider choosing a plastic window that has soundproof windows. They are characterized by increased sound insulation, so you can be sure that it will effectively suppress sounds that come from outside.

The price of PVC windows is influenced by many factors. The cheapest to buy standard plastic windows in white. All additional options translate into a higher price of window joinery. If we decide on anti-burglar protection in the form of anti-burglary glass, then we can pay up to 50-150 £ / m2 more. Choosing self-cleaning glass, as the price list often indicates, we will have to pay extra 150 £ / m2. On the other hand, double-chamber glazing will be the expenditure of PLN 125 / m2. People who want higher sound insulation will reduce their budget by an additional £ 250 / m2.

Plastic window prices are also affected by non-standard fittings. When deciding on hardware with a brake in the door handle, we must reckon with the fact that the cost of joinery will be higher by 30 £. An additional cost will be even fittings with the function of gradual tilting.

The standard is a snow-white window frame and it will cost us the least. If we choose a different color, then the prices of the plastic window will be 10-30% higher. People who decide to buy PVC in a shape other than rectangular, will pay more for this type of window joinery.